Conservative Talk Show Host Bill O’Reilly Calls Danielle a “Loon”

Last weekend Danielle went on the MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry Show to discuss the 11 black transgender women that have been murdered this year, and it’s only July. When the conversation shifted from criminal policy to cultural, Danielle suggested that the FCC fine media outlets both traditional and digital for mis-gendering transgender people.


Several outlets have referred to the victims of this violence purposefully by the wrong pronouns and using birth names instead of chosen ones as a way to continue perpetuating hate and violence towards these people once they are no longer living.

Bill O’Reilly seems to be in search of the title “Most Transphobic Host Ever” when he took the airwaves to refer to Danielle as a loon for suggesting that the FCC take a look at it policies and move with the times.

Watch O’Reilly spew hate and transphobia like no bodies business.