This Week in Poliwood: 1.23.15

Well, we can all thank Tom Brady and the Patriots for rendering Twitter into a classroom filled with Bart Simpsons. I mean how many deflated ball jokes can we make? As it turns out, countless. From deflated balls to Presidential shade, this week has been one for the books!

Pop Off of the Week: “Say my name, say my name”… well, if your former Governor Mike Huckabee, keep the Queen Bey’s name out your mouth, period. Huckabee took to the View’s couch where guest host and former Destiny’s Child Michelle Williams was also sitting—coincidence? I don’t think so. Nonetheless, Michelle took the opportunity to defend her friend and let Huckabee know that his comments about her hard working friend were “very, very, very low”. I would have liked a little more base in her force and shade, but I appreciate her having her friend’s back.

WATCH the exchange:

Trend of the Week: #SOTU. With 2.7 million tweets the President’s sixth State of the Union made a definite splash on social media. I was hopeful that after the Democrats shellacking during midterms that President Obama would not slink into the Capitol with his head hanging low, begging for compromise. Boy, was I mistaken. It’s been quite sometime, but I got to see the man I voted for—twice. Instead President Obama had more swagger and shade throwing than we’ve ever seen. Check out his now infamous line below.

WATCH the Presidential Shaaaade:

Politini Episode: This week OWN premiered Bill Duke’s Light Girls, which was a follow up to his 2013 documentary Dark Girls. The purpose, or so I think is to address the issue of colorism in the black community. Yet, it’s impossible to address colorism without discussing its root—white supremacy. So, we brought on professor, producer and author of (1) Drop: Shifting the Lens on Race, Dr. Yaba Blay, to set the colorism record straight.

LISTEN: Color Wars Part II: #LightGirls


Poliwood Round-Up

FIVE: BOBBY feat. Whitney Houston: Lifetime tried it… I’m all for humanizing icons but this storyline turned the greatest singer of all time into a crazy coke fiend.  Not to mention the fact we learned WAY MORE about Bobby Brown than Whitney.

Yaya DaCosta as Whitney Houston

FOUR: Keep it 100: Finally a late night talk show that is funny, smart and helmed by a black man.  The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore is keeping it 100 weeknights at 11:30pm on Comedy Central and I’m here for ALL of it.

Comedy Central's "The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore" Makes Its Debut With Host, Executive Producer And Writer Larry Wilmore

THREE: Hot Air: If I hear one more deflated ball joke I think I may lose my mind.  Doesn’t the NFL have bigger problems to deal with… like domestic abuse for one?


TWO: No Justice: As if we weren’t prepared for more disappointment already.  The Justice Dept is unlikely to bring charges against Darren Wilson the officer who shot and killed Michael Brown in Ferguson.  They have to prove that the officer violated Brown’s civil rights… and if a dead body in the street for hours can’t do that, then who knows.


ONE: Barackstar is BACK:  “I have no more elections to run… I know this because I won both of them” *DROPS MIC* YAAAAASSSSSSSSSS!

State of the Union

Dee’s Two Cents: #LightGirls rubbed me the wrong way. Instead of ending the documentry feeling educated and enlightened, I was left feeling enraged. Check out my thoughts here.

Jam of the Week: I am feeling Jazmine Sullivan’s latets album Reality Show. Check out her ‘Forever Don’t Last’