This Week in Poliwood: 1.16.15


It’s hard to believe sometimes that a week is just 7 days, since we’re able to pack so much cray-cray into it. Nonetheless, I’m here to wade through all the nonsense to bring you scoop on the ‘ish that actually matters.

Pop Off of the Week: “Fuck ‘em”, these eloquent and truthful words were brought to you by director Spike Lee when asked by the Daily Beast’s Marlow Stern about his thoughts on the Academy’s Selma snub.

Trend of the Week: #OscarsSoWhite. Politini got into Hollywood’s diversity issue with our fabulous guests last night. Lena Waithe, producer of Dear White People, Bros and creator of Twenties coming to BET; Zeke Stokes, VP of Programs at GLAAD and founder of, a small batch goods company; and Helena Andrews, author of Bitch is the New Black and Washington Post columnist.

LISTEN: Cheers and Jeers: Can Hollywood Make the Diversity Shift?


Poliwood Round-Up 1.16.15

FIVE: A Shower of Controversy Former Glee star Naya Rivera got into some hot water–pun intended after her appearance on The View Tuesday.


FOUR: Huckabee is Messing with the Wrong Bey! In former Alabama Governor turned Fox pundit, Mike Huckabee’s latest book: God, Guns, Grits and Gravy–yes, that’s a real title, he called Beyoncé a prostitute and Jay-Z her pimp, for their ‘Drunk in Love’ performance at last year’s Grammys.


THREE: Sun, Cigars and Booze Beginning today, January 16th, Cuba will be open for American business. It’s been 50 years since an ineffective embargo was placed on Cuba.


TWO A Tale of Two Terrorists Attack in Paris kills 12 and incites national attention while attack in Nigeria kills 2000 draws very little media.


ONE: Mitt the Rerun? 2008 and 2012 called and they want their candidate back. Mr. 47% himself, Mitt Romney, may be throwing his hat in the presidential ring for the third time.


Dee’s Two Cents: I had too many feelings this week and I couldn’t keep them to myself. Read them here, here and get some red carpet fun here.

Jam of the Week: And my mood current mood–Queen Latifah ‘Had it Up to Here’ performed live on In Living Color