The Wrap’s Fashion Edition: Le Globes Noir

The best part of any awards show begins about an hour before all the speeches and monologues–it’s the fashion. Whether we want to admit it or not, we all (men included) love the idea of dressing up and attending a ball, party, awards etc. There is something just utterly magical about fashion that makes us sit and take notice. This awards season will feel a little ho hum without the impeccable critiques of Joan Rivers but alas as she would want the show must go on!

What annoyed me most however about the coverage on E! was the lack of diversity of their interviews. Yes, we all want to gush over the Clooney’s but there were some incredibly dressed brown and black folks on the carpet who were all but ignored. Well, not anymore. Here is my first “Le Globes Noir” fashion post. Why in french? Because everything sounds more glamorous that way. Now let’s get to the good, the bad and the flawless of the 72nd Annual Golden Globes Awards!

Now, I’ll be honest, Kerry Washington’s style is a mixed bag. Her beauty is paramount but her fashion choices not always. From the neck up this look works, but from the neck down it’s a big old mess. If the dress were floor length and not so stiff maybe it would work, but last night she landed on my worst dressed list. She gets an F


Now, Viola Davis on the other hand got away with murdering the red carpet. That red against her gorgeous chocolate coloring… her arms… I mean she DID that. And thank God, she put on a wig that was worthy of her, although I would have loved to see her short cropped natural. She gets an A+


Uzo Aduba was shining bright like a diamond last night. Now, while I’m not generally a fan of multi-colored sequence and beading, I thought her look worked. Loved her hair pulled back off her face and the straight lines of the dress. She gets a solid B+


Aside from Chrissy Tiegan’s ugly cry, her crocheted blush dress was spot on. I loved the messy ponytail and her makeup was fresh and bright. She gets an A.


Ah, then there was the lady that dropped jaws last year… Ms. Lupita N’Yongo. I thought her dress was breezy and fun. It made me ready for spring with it’s beautiful lavender flowered bust; and the chiffon just made we want to spin. Lupita needs to give Viola some lessons on how to rock various natural hair looks too. Her fros keep me in awe. My girl gets an A

Lupita Nyong'o

Then there was the littlest diva and acting phenom Quevenzhane Wallis. She is the first child star to be named the face of a high-end fashion brand, and it’s Armani for heaven’s sakes. She just dazzled! A+

72nd Annual Golden Gl_Schu(98)

Gina Rodriguez is no longer a virgin to the fashion game or A-list anymore. Not only did she stun in her fitted black dress with crocheted bottom, but her speech was fabulous. She gets an A!


Finally, any fashion review would be remiss if it did not showcase the shut-it-down style of the one and only J-Lo. I don’t know if she is drinking unicorn blood and sleeping in a oxygen tank or what, but this woman stays slaying… the skin, the hair, the glitz. She gets an A++


That’s it for our first edition of Le Globes Noir… We will be bringing you all the flawless style from the black and brown women who will be lighting the red carpet on FIRE this award season. So, stay tuned!