Politini Chat’s with Dear White People’s Creator/Director Justin Simien

“The film is about who you really are…really and authentically as a human beings and how we are perceived. You have to make decisions [in your life] about how you identify—it’s a part of realizing your total potential”– Justin Simien

We had a blast chatting with the talented and fabulous Justin Simien about his film that is taking audiences by storm and creating a much needed jumping board for discussing race, identity and sexuality in the black community and beyond!

LISTEN: Politini Chats with Creator/Director Justin Simien


“Television has created a generation of young people, and older people for that matter who believe that by throwing a drink, cursing someone out and pulling off a person’s wig you can be a star…even seemingly intelligent people go there.” — Justin’s thoughts on the disaster that is reality TV. 


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