‘Straightwashed’ No More: Black LGBT Influencers Are in the Spotlight

“Black and gay have never been two things within that go together in mainstream society.”

In her most recent article for The Root, Danielle Moodie-Mills highlights the importance of this online news site’s 2014 ‘The Root 100 List.’ As she says in her article, in history, we often talk about whitewashing, often forgetting that society is also ‘straightwashed’ as well. Which is why Moodie-Mills applauses The Root for recognizing in their 2014 list comprised of the top 100 influential black professionals throughout a range of fields, a great number of accomplished individuals who identify as black and LGBT. By shedding light on these men and women who are not only black, but gay, lesbian, queer, trans, and have made such achievements in their communities, The Root 100 List is making a contribution to changing the way America views blackness, queerness, and success for the better. View The Root 100 List here and read Danielle Moodie-Mills’ full article on The Root.


READ: ‘Straightwashed’ No More: Black LGBT Influencers Are in the Spotlight