Politini Sponsors Dear White People Washington,DC Screening

Creator/Director Justin Simien Brings his satire Dear White People to Poliwood!


During CBC ALC week Politini sponsored the first screening stop on the Dear White People tour. The film which is a satire about what it feels like to be a black face in a white space touched on so many relevant points by posing questions like  “what does a post-racial America look like”? and “is blackness a state of mind?”.  

You’re the change you’ve been waiting for!

After the film Director Justin Simien and panelists including our very own Polinista and Cultural Connoisseur Danielle, took a series of questions from the audience. The convo went on way past the scheduled time and was completely worth almost being kicked out of the Smithsonian of the American Indian.

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Dear White People hits theaters October 17th! Make sure to get your tickets NOW!!!!