Aisha and Danielle host DECODED

DECODED- Danielle & Aisha

This year, for the first time, a conversation between Washington insiders, black LGBT trailblazers and political influencers will decode the values of the rising New American Majority, and discuss how black LGBT people (athletes, entertainers and cultural icons, in particular) are driving a cultural shift in the way that we view popular culture, politics, policy and our individual and collective impact on the world around us.

This interactive, salon-style event was moderated by Danielle and Aisha, and in true Polinista form, served up oodles politics and pop culture.  Together with the incredible panel of participants, the Moodie-Mills discussed their thoughts, beliefs, and ideas on the current state of our culture and the best way to move forward — together.

DECODED- Lena & Layshia    DECODED- panel    DECODED- crowd shot(2)