Politini on Leadership, Living OUT Loud and Loving Yourself w/ Sadie Nash Project


Earlier in July we had the distinct honor of being invited as Leaders to speak with the Sadie Nash Project young women leader’s Summer Institute.

Sadie Nash is an educational and advocacy program that provides young women the opportunity to analyze and explore the very nature of leadership.

The “Nashers” were a bubbly group of young racially diverse women with an appetite to learn and grow their impact as leaders. They all huddled around some on the floor in front of us and others on chairs eager to hear about our love story and how we started doing the advocacy work we do. It occurred to us in that moment that all of the work that we have done started from a place of love. As we shared our journey from a marathon to marriage to media they listened intently liking sponges soaking up each nugget of knowledge we dropped their way.