Say It Loud: I’m Black, Gay and Proud

“You’re already black and a woman… what more do you want against you?”

To many, being gay, black, AND a woman in today’s world sounds like a formula for failure. Any parent would fear that their child being these things would take away from their future happiness, success, and well-being. In Danielle Moodie-Mills’ latest piece for theGrio, she presents a different perspective: Love and support is what contributes to success and happiness, and who you are or who you love doesn’t have to take from that. Loving someone or even loving yourself, regardless of differences, is a REVOLUTIONARY act that is to be celebrated and PROUD of.

“While marriage alone isn’t a silver bullet that will magically make the systemic oppression which LGBT people face daily go away — love and compassion just may be the bullet and target we need.”

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