Politini Recap: Essential Summer Listening List Part II.

Last week we started you off with a few episodes of Politini to add to your summertime fun.

This week, we’re giving you even MORE! Take a look at #Politini‘s ESSENTIAL Summer Listening List Part II! We’re giving you our last five, hand-selected show picks that you can enjoy anywhere your summer days take you.



Number 1: America’s Gun Problem: A Tale of Two Races

When a white man shoots up a school, why do we have discussion about “mental illness” instead of white male aggression? Is white male privilege a mental health issue? In this episode we get to the depths of white male privilege and its effects on mass shootings. LISTEN.


Number 2: Fresh to Death: The Politics of Black Men’s Style

Much like with black women’s hair, there are politics associated with black men’s fashion. Today, we have many black men challenging the idea of “masculine” style. From kilts to crop tops to manicures, have we finally reached the tipping point in the evolution of black men’s style, or are we just starting to expand it? LISTEN.


Number 3: Cultural Architecture and the Rise of Anti-Ratchet Entertainment

Real Housewives of Atlanta, Basketball Wives, Love and Hip-Hop… are shows we deem “ratchet” yet many of us can’t get enough of. Why is that? Is it Black affirmation or Black exploitation? Politini discusses the rise of ratchet entertainment in the new age. LISTEN.


Number 4: Color Wars: Dark Skinned vs Light Skinned

OWN’s documentary “Dark Skinned Girls” paved the way for a new conversation on colorism. In this episode, we explore the roots of skin-tone bias and ask: Will colorism remain our normal? LISTEN.


Number 5: Young Broke & Fabulous 

Drowning in college loan debt while drowning in drinks every weekend? Having a job you love, but still living paycheck to paycheck? For many, being young, broke, and fabulous is the new normal. Tune into the conversation on the student loan conundrum. LISTEN.



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