Politini Recap: Media, Memes, and Misconduct

Violence. It’s in our video games, our music, or television shows, and now even makes for viral memes. But the question is, Why?

In this episode of #Politini, we talk about why other people’s pain has become, not only entertaining, but also incredibly profitable in today’s society. Why was an act of violence caught on tape in an elevator seen as humorous and not shockingly disturbing? How desensitized have we become? Is violent entertainment the NEW normal? Tune into this week’s episode for these questions and more.

LISTEN: It’s Only Entertainment: Media, Memes, and Misconduct


Is THIS The New Normal?

This episode we were joined by THREE fabulous guests. Dr. Vasilis Pozios is a board-certified physician specializing in forensic psychiatry.

Jenee Desmond Harris, Politini guest alum, is Features Editor and White House Correspondent for The Root.

And Preston Mitchum, another Politini alum, is a civil rights advocate and legal writing professor in D.C.


Poliwood Round-Up

Number FIVE: Shonda Season

Starting this Fall the hit creator, Shonda Rhimes, will own a three-hour block of TV on Thursday nights. In addition to her original series, “Grey’s Anatomy”, and political thriller, “Scandal”, Rhimes will also be premiering her new legal thriller, “How To Get Away With Murder”.

Number FOUR: Don’t Call It A Comeback

Also debuting this Fall, will be a new comedy series, “Black-ish”, which will follow the lives of Black father trying his family grounded in their roots while living in an affluent white neighborhood. Be sure to look out for it on ABC!

Number THREE: Kiss Seen ‘Round The World

Michael Sam has officially become the FIRST OUT NFL player in the league and after being drafted by the St. Louis Rams, the whole nation saw in celebration, Sam joyously kissing his boyfriend on television.

Number TWO: The Super Highway Is Under Construction

The FCC is becoming steps closer to widening the internet accessibility gap (as if education and economic inequality isn’t enough?!). In a 3-2 vote, the FCC has advanced a proposal that would allow internet service providers to charge more money for more streaming capabilities. If you’re not happy about this, speak– or tweet your voice out loud!

Number ONE: The Domino Effect

Arkansas judge, Chris Piazza, struck down a constitutional ban to include prohibiting clerks who issue same-sex marriage licenses. However, Justices ruled that Piazza’s ban did not change the license law. Regardless, equality is making it’s way to the red states– and can’t be stopped!


Who’s Bringing The FIRE?

The Joyful Heart Foundation was created to heal, educate, and empower the survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, and child abuse, as well as to shed light on the darkness that surrounds these issues.


Polinista of the Week

And our Polinista of the Week is Mariska Hargitav, founder of The Joyful Heart Foundation and emmy winning actress for her leading role as Olivia Benson on Law and Order SVU.

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