Politini Recap: The Criminalization of Black Girls

Too often in our society we forget about our Black girls.

From treating them like they’re stronger than they are when they’re young, and then tearing them down to be weak when they’re grown, does the world care about the fate of our Black girls? If not, who are our little sister’s keepers? We ask these questions and many, many more in our latest #Politini episode: School Discipline and the Criminalization of Black Girls.

LISTEN: School Discipline and the Criminalization of Black Girls


Is THIS The New Normal?

Joining us for a FANTASTIC conversation that we didn’t want to end this week was Dr. Monique Morris, author and Social Justice Scholar.


Who’s Bringing The FIRE?

Bringing the FIRE this week is Girls For A Change, a national organization empowering girls to create personal transformation and social change. Keep on uplifting our young ladies!


Polinista Of The Week

Lastly, but never least, our Polinista of the Week is former guest, producer, publisher, and professor, Dr. Yaba Blay! She is also the creator of Pretty Period, a transmedia expose on the beauty of brown to dark skinned Black women. Be sure to check it out!



Recently, Love and Hip Hop star, Mimi Faust released a sex tape that had people in outrage. But… can anyone be THAT surprised? And can these people really get mad, when they’re the ones contributing to her success and profit? Be sure to watch this SCANDALOUS episode of Politini on the Grio and tell us what you think!




WATCH: Why Republican Back Voter Suppression

This week as we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act, we were also reminded our right to vote is still something we have to fight for. In this Hip-Hop infused video, we get down to the bottom of why Republicans don’t want YOU to vote.

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