Politini Recap: Money, Power, Respect: Why Pay Equity Matters

To quote Beyonce, “Who runs the world? Girls!” But does that statement hold any truth?

In all things Politini this week, including our most recent episode: Money, Power, Respect: Why Pay Equity Matters, we examine the reality of gender inequality in our country’s economy and show that the world really would be better ran if women had pay equity.


LISTEN: Money, Power, Respect: Why Pay Equity Matters


Is THIS The New Normal?

Our fierce and fabulous guest for this week’s episode was Elizabeth Plank, Executive Social Editor for PolicyMic.


Who’s Brining the FIRE?

Bringing the FIRE this week is Nancy Pelosi & Democratic leaders for launching the Women and Families Agenda to address economic gender inequality!



Polinista of the Week

This week, we applaud Venus Williams for being our Polinista of the Week! Williams fought to make sure that prize money given to women at Wimbledon is now EQUAL to what male players receive. You go girl!



WATCH: Why Equal Pay Matters

In our most recent video, we explain why pay equity matters in a way that will be sure to have you singing along. Be sure to tune in and jam out to this Beyonce-infused Politini on theGrio!



WATCH: How Do YOU Bring the FIRE?

Last week, Politini got some great wisdom and knowledge dropped on them by Chairwoman Marcia Fudge, Congresswoman Yvette Clarke, and Congresswoman Barbara Lee. Don’t miss this exclusive video!cbcfwomen

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