Politini Kicks off New VIDEO Series with theGrio.com

“It’s difficult to flip the television channel to MSNBC or click on your favorite political site and not see political powerhouses Aisha and Danielle Moodie-Mills.”

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Politini is pleased and more than excited to announce after only just a year of airing online, we’re making our way to reaching more listeners and now viewers as we kick off our new video series with MSNBC’s theGrio. The series will last eight weeks, beginning Tuesday, February 25th and will continue to cover hot topics that lie at the intersections between politics and pop culture. The news was officially announced on theGrio.com this afternoon.

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“Aisha and Danielle continue to remind us that there is power in visibility.”

MoodieMills on Set

“Politini isn’t simply black or LGBT, but rather a platform where diverse people can come together to converse about the critical issues that impact our lives—for better or for worse.”


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“The dynamic duo, married in 2010, continue to take the world by storm, changing the face of what it means to be black and LGBT one conversation at a time.”


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Be sure to tune in THIS Tuesday, February 25th to theGrio.com for the first video of our series and again on Thursday, February 27th at 8 pm for the #Politini radio show. And in the mean time, like us on Facebook and tweet us at @threeLOL!