OUT Magazine Profiles the Moodie-Mills’

It’s been 10 years since we sat in a window seat together–talking about our lives and falling in love.


In the current issue of OUT magazine on stands NOW we revisit our love story. Many people know us from our talk show Politini or from our wedding photos we shared with Essence.com a few years ago. In this interview we recount how we met, fell in love and continue to live, love and labor OUT loud a decade later.

In OUT Magazine’s “Love Issue” we share some tidbits of the ‘Moodie-Mills Affair’

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“One of the reasons why I married [Aisha] and fell in love with her is because she’s not a talker… and I think that’s why we are a good team: I can dream, and she will actualize it.”


“[Danielle’s] not afraid to dream, and not only does she participate in my dreams with me, but she dreams for the both of us and encourages me and helps me to do so.”


“At this point, even though we are some of the most public gays, we still come out every time we meet someone new…I think that’s where we really realize the power of who we are.”


“Out of seven billion people on this planet, I’ve found someone that makes me feel like I want to live, and not just live, but live out loud and love out loud.”


“Aisha is like my heart outside of my body; there is something powerful that beats there that I know gives me life.”

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Read the FULL Article Here and check out our most recent Politini podcast and listen to us recount the story of how we met, as well as us share five valuable #threeLOL Lessons on Life and Love.


LISTEN: Aisha & Danielle’s “Lessons On Life & Love”


And of course, Happy Valentine’s Day! Be FABULOUS to yourself and give love to the ones in your life who truly make you feel alive today.