VIDEO Politini Re-Cap: Pic-Stitch Politics

Have we become so accustomed to soundbites, grandstanding and mudslinging that we’ve forgotten what substance and authenticity look like?

As our political demographics continue to shift with 41% of Americans now identifying as Independents and just 31% identifying as Democrats and 25% as Republicans, you would think our partisan divide would have reached it’s tipping point–sadly they haven’t. We remain more divided than ever with soundbites taking the place of substance–which got us wondering, are pic-stitch politics our new normal? A little grandstanding over here, pin together with a bit of salacious drama over there, finished off with an ego-driven filter.

We chatted with Political Analyst and writer, Zerlina Maxwell this week to get some answers on where our political system is headed.

Headshot - Zerlina Maxwell

Watch our first VIDEO convo of the year: PIC-STITCH POLITICS

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