VIDEO Politini Recap: What Made 2013 Pop?

With just a few weeks left in 2013, we know that’s cray right? We decided to pull out the major themes that resurfaced time and time again during the year. As women were being told they couldn’t have it all or to lean in we watched in complete awe as Beyonce made a ferocious return to the stage, small screen and with the best kept secret of the year just casually dropped a mind blowing new album—yeah, she leaned all the way in! We also sat in disbelief during the Zimmerman trial and watched as just being black in a public space made you suspicious and worthy of death.

VIDEO: What Made 2013 Pop?: Politini’s Year-In-Review:

For better or for worse a lot went down this year and during our year-in-review we discuss the triumphs and tribulations of the last 12 months. Joining our conversation Yesha Callahan, Managing Editor of Clutch Magazine.

Check out our Politini 2013 Video Playlist below:

Jay-Z: Beach is Better MCHG

Ciara feat/ Niki Minaj: I’m Out

Daft Punk feat/ Pharrell: Get Lucky

Lorde: Royals

Ah, and the lady of the year… if you are the ONE person who hasn’t downloaded the new Beyonce album here is a clip of our Polinista of YEAR slaying the competition.

Drunk in Love preview:

Here’s this week’s pictorial Poliwood Round-Up:

Number 5: Multitasking? 
Number 4: Badu’s Given ‘em FACE

Number 3: Popetastic

Number 2: Honoring a Warrior

Number 1: “Selfie-gate”

Now here is our reveal of our Firestarter of the year, a person who came onto the public stage with brilliance, talent and purpose. Check out our #ScandalWatchDC interview with the incomparable star Laverne Cox!

That’s it for our Politini Year-in-Review. What would have been on your list? Let us know by visiting our Facebook page! Leave us a note:)