Politini Snow Day!

Catch Up on all the Shows You’ve Missed

There is no better day than a snowy Sunday to do some serious media binging… So, grab a cup of hot cocoa and binge on some of our sumptuous #Politini episodes you’ve missed!


In the mood to laugh and have some fun? Check out “Selfies”, Substance and Show and Tell. We chatted with our fabulous friend PR/ Media maverick Zeke Stokes and writer/cultural commentator Damon Young whose piece “Me, My Selfe and I” inspired the convo.

kim-kardashian-and-kanye-west2012-05-18_08-29-35leave-their-london-hotelWe tackled the question is narcissm the new normal?

In the mood for a little self reflection? Check out What is threeLOL? What would happen if we all showed up a little more in our lives? How would society be transformed if we all took the risk to live, love and labor OUT loud? We get into it on this episode so grab mimosa and join in.


In the mood for some activism? Check out these two shows: Blurred Line: Masculinity vs. Vulnerability with former NFL player and LGBT activist Wade Davis and writer and activist Darnell Moore. Why are men always expected to “man up” and never show emotion?


What happens when people stop being polite and start getting nasty? We chat with Louisville professor Dr. Kaila Story about the Death of Political Correctness


Enjoy your #PolitiniSnowDay