Nelson Mandela: Let His Life Be a Lesson


Yesterday as we were preparing to head to the studio to tape Politini we along with the world received the news of Nelson Mandela’s passing.  Death has unfortunately struck our lives not once not twice but three times this year taking with it family and friends that we love.  As with the passing of our loved ones we paused for reflection as the life of Mandela played across our screens and remembrance of his lessons taught to us in school days gone by.

There will never be another Mandela. Frivolous comparisons to his extraordinary life does him and his legacy a disservice.  Instead we choose to focus on how each of us has within us the ability to use our life as a lesson–if not for countless millions like Mandela than for one.  We are true believers that a thoughtful group of people can change the world and Nelson Mandela’s life and legacy challenges each of us to be a messenger for peace and an ambassador for progress.

For better or worse our world is rapidly changing and with new technologies come opportunities to fight the old battles of injustice, racism, poverty, homophobia with new (and sharper) tools. As we continue to mourn and reflect on Nelson Mandela’s legacy we ask ourselves how are we making the world better? How are we living out our purpose?

Check out our conversation with our dear friend and advocate for social justice Rashad Robinson, Executive Director, Color of Change on how we are moving the fight for Civil Rights from the Streets to the Tweets.

Truer words have never been spoken. How we show up in our lives matters. Rest in Power!