Why You Should Go on a “News Diet”


This has been one of my most difficult diets to date.

Originally published on xo jane

Hi, I’m Danielle and I’m addicted to news. There is not a day that goes by when I don’t read several blogs, articles etc. and watch at least 3+ hours of headlines.

But for the last few days I decided to try a new wellness plan — I went on a news-free diet. I refrained from ingesting any of the political vitriol that has taken over the 24-hour news cycle.

This has been one of my most difficult diets to date. Why? I am one of those people that live in Washington, DC — or Poliwood, as I lovingly refer to my non-state of residence — and like the fictitious Olivia Pope, I literally get off on news….

My diet worked the way a good cleanse is supposed to. It gave me a level of lucidity I didn’t have before. I finally understood the point of all of the malevolence. The goal is to make people so frustrated that they throw up their hands and disengage because when the people walk away corporations and special interests get to have their way.

I may have turned off the news for a little reprieve but I didn’t tune out. What got me excited over a decade ago was the knowledge that a small group of committed people can indeed make a difference. A little news diet every once in a while is a good thing. It helps those of us who came to Washington to do good remain in fighting shape.