Let’s Move Monday: What Are You Willing to Give Up?


If you are not a card carrying member of the Beyhive then this post ain’t for you—feel free to divert your attention elsewhere.

Last Saturday after years of missing her shows I finally got to see Queen B perform LIVE! Let me say that woman did NOT disappoint. You may be asking yourself right now what does Beyoncé have to do with working out? EVERYTHING.

A key part to getting off of the couch and moving is motivation coupled with inspiration—it’s this combination that makes shows like the Biggest Loser so popular.

Watching Beyoncé perform her two-hour set was like drinking a cup, not a shot of espresso—her agility, passion, musicianship and sheer energy were hypnotizing. It’s enough to make you understand how foolish rumors like her not giving birth to her daughter spread—because when you watch her you say, “she can’t possibly be human”. Why do people say these things? Because for some looking at exceptionalism isn’t inspiring it’s jarring and makes lesser people feel inadequate instead of leaving them in awe. Now, does this mean I want to look and be like Beyoncé no, but it means that I absolutely appreciate and respect her hustle (read: hard work and determination).

I strive to have the kind of dedication to my craft and purpose that she does, moving towards perfection through daily practice and commitment to my dream—it’s this attitude that separates those that are just good from those that are great. It’s also this attitude that turns the couch potato into the athlete.

What are you willing to give up to be great?

Most of us say we would give up a lot to reach our goals. Yet, if you’re like me you still pick up the extra bite of calamari, wash it down with bubbly all while tugging at your Spanx, wondering why you’re not a size four. Why? Because I want to have it all—and those who achieve greatness realize sooner than most, is that you can’t. Like Malcolm Gladwell wrote in The Tipping Point you need to put in your 10K hours to be considered a master aka great. Are you truly putting in the time?

Before we complain about our weight, careers, relationships etc we have to look in the mirror and ask ourselves what have we really put into this?

During her show Beyoncé showed a mini-video talking about women being queens and needing to honor ourselves as such, which got me thinking, when I stuff myself to the gills with food and drink am I really honoring myself? If my quest is to live my purpose and pursue my path to greatness, yet I’m spending way too much time blocking my blessings and throwing up barricades to accessing my power with self-sabotage, (food sabotage, doubt, etc.) how will I ever reach my 10K hours?
While the rest of us were still playing on the playground Beyoncé was in the studio working and when you watch her you see all of that effort. Now, I wouldn’t give up my childhood for anything but as an adult the question remains “what am I willing to give up to achieve my dreams”? Queen B gave up a “normal” childhood to be extraordinary and as an adult I’m sure she gives up a lot to continue her world domination…

So, whether it’s your weight, dream career, traveling the world… Ask yourself this: What are you willing to give up to become Your best YOU?

BTW our seats were REDIC! Check out a few pics below:


Pics don’t do the blue glitter outfit justice… it was ferocious!

Oh, and just in case you forgot… there is THIS: