ElixHer Magazine Interview: Third Year’s a Charm!


Just last week, ESSENCE.com featured yet another same-sex couple in its “Bridal Bliss” column. Serendipitously, the spotlight ran the same day Aisha and Danielle Moodie-Mills, the very first lesbian duo to have their nuptials highlighted, celebrated their three-year wedding anniversary. ELIXHER caught up with the power couple who reveal the secret to their blissful marriage (and some never before seen photos from their special day).

ELIXHER: How do you keep the romance and intimacy alive after 3 years of marriage and ten years of being together?

AISHA: Wow, that does sound like a long time doesn’t it? Funny it doesn’t feel like almost a decade—we haven’t hit a major slump in our intimacy. With that said we are very intentional about nurturing our romantic partnership, which is extremely important for us given that we are also business partners. We very much believe that love is a journey not a destination and bask in our continued “growth” as a couple and concentrate on how our love and intimacy is evolving over time rather than trying to repeat the past. Like most delicious things—cheese, wine, etc. love and intimacy does truly does ripen with time—when it’s cared for. – See more at: http://elixher.com/third-years-a-charm-aisha-danielle-1st-lesbian-couple-on-essence-celebrate-anniversary/#sthash.2K87RYlc.dpuf

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