Politini Recap: Week of July 14th


Miss this week’s Politini “Born a Suspect”?  No worries you can catch our fantastic conversation with three fabulous black men and fathers here.

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This past week felt like three in one!  Emotions have been raw and on high alert since the Zimmerman verdict.   Then on Friday afternoon the President spoke his truth.  The truth of being a black man in America regardless of his status or education level the President spoke about being profiled until he became a very public Senator.  He talked about hearing car doors lock upon his passing them, women clutching purses in elevators, and being pulled over by the police for no reason at all.  He said, “I could have been Trayvon”.  His words were powerful and resonated deep as we all seem to try and make sense of where we go next as a nation.

As we spoke about this issue on countless radio and TV outlets— on Politini we wanted to speak to black men and fathers—the very people in our community that are ignored or berated.  We gathered a group of fantastic men and asked them how tit feels to be “Born a Suspect”, how they talk to their sons about racism and what their hopes are for the future.

Need some cocktail inspiration? Here’s a fabulous recipe courtesy of A Beautiful Mess:

Summer Nights Cocktail, makes one.


1/2 cup pineapple juice

1/2 cup fresh cucumber juice

10 fresh mint leaves

1.5 ounces white rum

Combine all ingredients and stir to combine. Pour over ice and serve! This is a great cocktail to make ahead. You can easily quadruple the recipe and store in a small pitcher until you are ready to serve guests later that day.


Now without further ado let’s get to this week’s Poliwood Round-Up in pictures:

FIVE ‘Real’ Women Enter Daytime








FOUR The Queen Gives a Nod  






THREE Black Twitter Halts Juror B37’s  ‘Tell All’ Book






TWO Attorney General “Holds His Own”








ONE Florida Education FAILS but Joyner Succeeds:










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