Let’s Move Monday: Is Cleansing For You?


So, I am no “weight loss maven” by any stretch of the imagination, but what I try I love to share. I have been working out daily for a few months now, but the pounds are not dropping the way I would hope. Every once in a while you need a boost to your system in order to achieve the change you want to see.

Over the weekends I tend to indulge a little too much in the salty, yumminess that sets my weight loss mission back—and trust me when the new week begins I FEEL IT!

How do you reset your system when you needed a little lightness? CLEANSE.

Cleansing doesn’t have to mean nasty pills or juices—it’s simply resetting your internal clock after you weigh yourself down with too much salt, alcohol, sweets etc. Spring and summer present a fabulous time not only to indulge in the sun and sand, but also the fresh fruits and veggies that spring up in their full flavor and color. Dr. Oz says that our “refrigerators should look like a rainbow”—filled with deep greens, reds and yellows. I’m trying to challenge myself to do this on each shopping trip and after a fabulous weekend of brunch at the Four Season’s (eating a little too much and enjoying everlasting glasses of bubbly) with my sister, a little spinach and water with lemon will go a long way!

If spinach and lemons isn’t your cup of Green Tea then check out juice and clean food maven Kriss Carr’s 5 Cleansing Tips for a Wellness Boost:

1. Let go of salty, heavy foods, especially red meat.

Foods to avoid as they are acid (and mucus) forming: nuts and seeds (unless soaked and sprouted and always organic!), dairy products, alcohol, refined sugars and flours, red meat, and caffeine.

2. Incorporate all the green plants you can—especially local, organic, young, and fresh ones.

Add cleansing foods to your daily diet as much as possible, such as herbal tea, fresh lemon juice in water (warm or room temperature), fresh vegetable juices, raw fruits and vegetables

3. Incorporate a daily probiotic

Taking probiotics daily creates healthy intestinal flora and boosts our overall immune system and serotonin production since 80% of our immune system resides in our gut and most of the serotonin production occurs there as well.

4. Add in at least 30 minutes of some form of movement every day.

Walking, yoga or some form of stretching, jumping on a rebounder, doing somersaults or cartwheels in the new grass, climbing a tree, hiking a hill or a mountain.

5. Lighten up your thoughts.

Five minutes of meditation in the morning when you wake up and again at night before going to sleep easily fits into our daily lives and can become one of the most life-changing habits. Take a moment to close your eyes and really be grateful for your meals—breakfast, lunch and dinner, no matter where you are.

Need a little cleanse-piration? Try Kris Carr’s Green Smoothie Recipe


Yield: 2 servings

1 avocado

1 – 2 pieces of low-glycemic fruit: green apple, pear, berries and cantaloupe

1 cucumber

A fistful of kale or romaine or spinach

Coconut water (or purified water)

Stevia to taste, and or a sprinkle of cinnamon or some cacao (optional)

1. Blend ingredients in a high-powered blender.

Cheer’s to a lighter and happier you:)

If you have a cleanse recipe or story let us know about it in the comment section below.