Let’s Move Monday: How to Have a Guilt-Free Vacation


This week we’ve packed up our bags and headed north for Martha’s Vineyard!  It’s our first time here and although it is currently raining, from what we’ve seen so far—it’s on our list of places we love.  Our house is sitting right on a pond and who doesn’t love seeing sail boats out of their kitchen window?

We all know that right before a vacation we “go hard” in our workouts.  No one wants to be the flabby girl on the beach.  Yet, the moment that our vacation begins we revert to sloth behavior—eating, sleeping and moving at a snails pace.  In our minds we are taking a vacation from EVERYTHING including our workouts.  Then when we step back into reality and try and slip into our jeans we realize that we didn’t leave everything on our vacation—the pounds traveled with us!

I have vowed that this vacation is going to different.  The only thing I am bringing back home is a tan and a Zen vibe!

This trip, along with our bathing suits we packed weights and our sneakers.  It also helps that we are sharing a house with Dave a D.C. fitness instructor. After a delish breakfast we got into a 45-minute circuit training group workout.  Here are a few tips to help you have a HAPPY and HEALTHY vacation.


Me with Dave the fitness instructor


Aisha’s Downward Dog

Tip #1: Pack as much workout gear as you do swimwear… and USE it!

Tip #2: Create a workout team.  Make a pact with your travel group to incorporate morning workouts.  You can spare 45 minutes.

Tip #3: Make it fun!  Allow everyone to contribute. If you are gone for a week with a group then tell everyone to bring a workout.  One day can be circuit training, running, yoga etc.

Tip #4:Create an incentive.  Have a daily “healthy” cocktail to look forward to after you work up a sweat.

Tip #5: DRINK WATER!  Make sure you drink as much water as you do alcohol. Remember, a hangover on vacation is a waste of a day.

Need cocktail motivation? Your #Polinistas got you covered with the:

Pineapple Mango Crush It!


Ingredients:  Trader Joe’s frozen Mango Chunks, Trader Joe’s Pineapple tidbits, Bacardi White Rum and sugar.

Depending on the size of your workout team your proportions may vary.

Add half a bag of the frozen pineapple and mangos and ¼ of a liter of rum to a blender.  Add sugar or agave to taste and two cups of ice then blend to your hearts content and enjoy!