Let’s Move Monday: Have You Reached Critical Mass?


We all have a number in our head that scares the bejeezus out of us–for me this number comes in pounds.  As long as I don’t hit “THE number” then I’m good.  Well, today that damn number decided to pay me and my behind a visit.  I tried to slam the door, pretend I didn’t see it but alas I couldn’t shake it–no matter how many different areas I moved the scale to.

I have hit critical mass!

Although I have been working out all the damn time; my eating habits have stayed the same.  My thought has been that if I’m burning, I’m earning… right?!! Not so much. In my mind I may still be in my twenties but my metabolism has definitely hit it’s thirties.  Cocktails and yummy, salty foods don’t disappear from my waistline the way they once did.  I’ve become a damn camel–storing food, liqueur, salt and everything else in my body.

I’m a bit over prepared for the zombie apocalypse and need to shed some serious weight–so I can remain light and agile (zombies are fast).

My weight drama is like a bad record that’s been on repeat for years.  Yet, this is the first time my secret number showed up and started blaring in my face. So, what do I do, hide my scale and buy a ton of drawstring pants? Close my blinds never to be heard from or post a photo on Facebook again? Hell No!

Each of us has our critical mass–for me it’s pounds, for others it could be the dress size they swore they would never wear or the number of years you would stay in a job you hate.  When your number arrives, and I hope for your sake it doesn’t, ACTION needs to be taken. Now, you know I’m a fan of lists… so here are the steps I’m taking to kick that numbers butt back to where it come from.

181418_448982665120519_711642624_n-1Step 1: Take a HARD Look in the Mirror– First, you need to recognize your part in this snafu and take responsibility. For example that container of hummus and bag of pita chips didn’t eat itself. Honesty is indeed the BEST policy–especially with yourself!

Step 2: Send Out a SOS– When someone is in danger they flail their arms and scream for help.  Molly girl, you’re in danger!  Reaching critical mass is not just about looking good it’s about your physical and mental health too.  So, organize your support system to guarantee your success.  Your team could be a party of two or twelve so long as they have your best interest at heart. Workout partners, recipe group, motivational coach etc. put your team together!

Step 3: Take Out the Trash– From pantries filled with sweet and salty sabotage to negative people–get rid of them and do it fast.  Don’t hold onto “good/bad food” because you don’t want to “waste it”. Repeat after me “YOU ARE NOT A GARBAGE DISPOSAL”! No one wins awards for being a part of the clean plate and overstocked pantry club.  Get rid of the excess–people and things that no longer serve you well.

Step 4: Define Your Purpose– What have you’ve dreamed up in your head that this number is holding you back from?  It’s time to put the bad record on pause and create a new track.  Who do you imagine your best self to be?  What does she do? What does she eat/drink? How often does she workout/cook? Design the life you want!

Step 5: Fight for IT!– Change is hard work.  You have to want it more than anything else.  Your transformation to your best self has to take precedent over everything else–your life and happiness depend on it!


 Now, let’s get down to business.  Tell us what steps you are going to take or are taking to kick your number’s butt below in the comment section!