Does Style Matter?


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Is the old adage that “clothes makes the man/woman” true?  Over the past several weeks the media has been grappling with this question in light of the Zimmerman trial and the perception of Trayvon Martin’s “criminality” because of his clothing.  Aisha even got in on the conversation by proclaiming on MSNBC: “If a white guy wears a hoody he’s considered Mark Zuckerberg and if a black guy wears a hoody he’s a criminal”.  The reality is prejudice doesn’t change just because your outfit does and shedding a hoodie won’t shed the perception of one skin color being better than the other.

If style can’t change other people’s perception of you can it help shift your perspective of yourself?  Can style actually help you transform your self-esteem and sense of power?

Style isn’t just about the latest trends or what the Fashion Police say is “in”—true style is when you allow your outside to match your insides.  D.C. or Poliwood as I like to say, was known as a city of clutched pearls and conformity until the arrival of the Obama’s. Washington was more focused on “fitting in” than standing out—that is until the Obama’s broke the mold of what a President and First Lady were supposed to look like.  They weren’t white, old, rich or stodgy. Everyone was in awe when they hit the political scene because they emanated this sense of cool elegance we hadn’t seen—and don’t forget those fabulous sleeveless dresses.

As my father always says “you have to stand out to be outstanding” and this is absolutely true in every facet of your life including your style.

I often tell interns that they should dress like a polished version of themselves when they head into their job interviews, not a younger version of their parents, in oversized suits that didn’t match their youthfulness.  Don’t run away from fashion because you want to be “taken seriously”, run towards it.  What you wear can give you just the confidence you need to land the job of your dreams. Blending in may have been the lesson of the last century where you were expected to wait in line for your chance to climb the ladder.

The 21st century is about owning your power, standing out and making the world your jungle gym—ladders are so last century. Now, get out there and dress to impress…yourself!

Are you in need of a style mantra? Check out some of my favorite quotes below:


Lastly a threeLOL original: BE VISIBLE, BE FABULOUS!

Here’s a little style musical interlude… George Michael “Freedom”!

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