Our Convo w/ Frank Love on the Pretty, Partnership and Politics of Love and Marriage

D and A Politini

Recently we were guests on the relationship/ advice radio show Frank Love. Frank love is hard-hitting advice that may only feel friendly in retrospect, and then turns out to be the best advice you ever received. Frank love is well, frank advice, but it is given in the spirit of love.

We enjoyed our time on the show immensely and talked about everything from our marriage to Scandal to Tyler Perry and more. A lot goes into having a successful relationship it isn’t always pretty, there are at times politics to maneuver and at the heart of it all a true partnership to create. Check out an excerpt of our interview with Frank Love below and listen to the full show here.

Frank: Alright. Why do we like Kerry Washington? She’s the other woman.

Aisha: You know we debate this every week inside of our hearts and our souls. We really grapple with this dissonance around our love of that show.

Danielle: So, I think that America loves Kerry Washington’s character, Olivia Pope on the show, because the way that Shonda Rhimes writes it, you get the sense that the President is in a really unhappy marriage, right? And everyone’s ideal is that–

Frank: Or you could just say a marriage.

Danielle: Are you still married?

Frank: And I’m happy.

Danielle: You get the sense that he’s kind of in this business arrangement and don’t we all want somebody to be in love with. And you see this magnetic connection that Olivia Pope and the President have and you’re just like, you’re rooting for that, because as humans, we want other people–I think most people–you want other people to be happy and you want them to really have love and have all of these things. And she’s kind of living on the outskirts of this not really getting into a real relationship. So I think we root for love.

Aisha: And we also root for passion. And she said this in one of the episodes. She’s like, “No, I don’t want regular love, where I go to work–”

Danielle: Right, she said to it to the guy.

Aisha: Nine to five. I come home everyday–

Frank: I love that dialogue. That was great

Aisha: That dialogue was so profound, because we don’t want that.

Danielle: She says I want tortured like–

Aisha: Painful.

Danielle: Painful, can’t-live-without-you type of love.

Aisha: Don’t-know-what-to-expect-tomorrow type of love.

Get more of our interview with Frank Love here.

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