Let’s Move Monday: Are You Too Busy to Eat Healthy?

I can count on one finger how many times I ate at home last week. With so many projects on the horizon it seems that my kitchen has literally been put on the back burner while my telephone take out skills have been worked out beyond belief. This new turn of events has me wondering if I’ve become too busy to eat healthy? This is a huge cliche that nutritionists and personal trainers try to disprove all the time. Yet, while I’m watching the Biggest Loser after having just arrived home from another 12 hour work day I’m too knocked out to create something delicious let alone nutritious. So, what’s a busy Polinitas to do?

Well, as the adage goes fail to plan, plan to fail. Just like we make room for all of the projects we juggle in a single day–our health and nutrition needs to be one of them.

I used to roll my eyes as a kid when my mother would think out our meals and do all this “work” on Sundays preparing for the week. I used to quip “mom I thought Sunday’s were for rest”. Her reply would be “if we plan now we can rest later”. As I say more now as an adult than ever–my mother was right. There are countless reports that tell us how overworked women are and how unhappy we have become because we have too much on our plate (work and food included). Some of this is the increased pressure to be an “octopus superwoman”–juggling everything while looking our best. From high powered careers, kids, marriage, friends, family drama and more we stressed out and our nutrition is taking the brunt.

Women are the nucleus and if we don’t take care of our health and wellness then the entire ship is liable to go down.

Kris Carr author, speaker, health activist and all around bad ass just released what is I’m going to refer to as the modern woman’s health savior–a meal calendar. We make doodles for meetings and have family Google calendars to schedule team meets, Pilates and doctor’s appointments, so why not add to our organization by making our health and nutrition calendar worthy as well? Kris’s document lists the days of the week, a schedule for lunches (revamped left overs) and an ingredient list so you can shop more efficiently. I for one go up and down each aisle regardless of if I actually need a slew of items–I’ll end up in front of cat litter at the grocery store, and I don’t own one. This little diversion is a waste of time which frankly none of us busy people have time for.

It’s time that we modern day women warriors reclaim our nutrition and map out a plan that will not only lead to our professional success but our holistic well being as well. What’s your plan for healthy success? Let us know in the comment sections below.

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Here’s Wishing You Happy HEALTHY Eating!