Poliwood Round-Up: Ballots, Black Boys and Barack Star

This week’s Politini was jam packed with a lot of firsts! We had our first in studio guest, Mr. David Johns the former Nevada Political Director for the Obama campaign and co-founder of IMPACT.  We also had our first caller, our very dear friend David Baldwin Barnes whose presence made our show an international success (he currently lives in Ghana).

It’s been a great 3 weeks, and in case you missed Thursday’s show on political participation and engagement you can listen to it here.  Join the Politini fun and get the scoop from Hollywood to Poliwood every Thursday from 8-9pm EST!

So, without further ado let’s get to this week’s Poliwood Round-Up:

5. Justin Timberlake is BACK!: This week JT released his first single in over 6 years feat the king of hip hop himself Jay-Z.  The track is vintage JT.  Big band swing with a sweet beat, insanely delectable vocals and rhymes from Hova—what could be better than that?

Listen to his latest “Suit and Tie”

4. Jodie Foster’s Coming Out Party: Unless you live under a rock you either read, watched, or listened to Jodie Foster’s acceptance speech at the Golden Globe Awards where she was presented with the Ceceil DeMille award. Foster took the stage more relaxed than I think anyone had ever seen her.  She spoke about privacy and not having to reveal everything to the world.  But then she did something interesting—she thanked her ex-partner and “soul sister” for all of her support.  It may not have been the usual “I’m gay” admission, but nonetheless her “confession” nearly sent Twitter into a tailspin.
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3. Oxygen cancels “All My Babies Mamas”: Oxygen the famed network of such foolishness as the Bad Girls Club was set to air a horribly stereotypical reality show based on “rapper” Shawty Lo’s 10 baby mothers.  Yes, you read that correctly—10!  Once word of the show leaked Color of Change, an online civil rights organization, sprung into action to get the show cancelled.  They believe and so do we that the show was going to be catastrophic for the black community.  Unlike other reality shows that may feature a poor white people, there are a myriad of other shows that display another image, the same is unfortunately not true for African Americans.  Let’s get real we just got the first African American actress lead in a series after a 40 year drought!

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2. GOP Fiscal Irresponsibility: Nothing annoys us more than hypocrites.  After grandiose stands on the floor of the House about fiscal responsibility and wasteful spending the GOP inked a contract for $3M with taxpayer’s money to continue defending the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).  DOMA states that marriage shall be defined by one man and one woman which excluding same sex couples and their families from the over 1500 protections that marriage provides. After the Obama Administration decided that they would no longer defend discrimination the GOP decided they would continue the assault on same-sex familes.  $3M dollars could provide transitional homes for over 200 LGBT youth who would otherwise be stuck in the Juvenile Justice System or Child Welfare—which costs taxpayers $5M.  Once again instead of opting to help people the GOP chooses another path.

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1. President Obama’s Makes Big Gun Announcement: This week while surrounded by young children whom written letters pleading with him to end gun violence, the President outlined the boldest action taken on guns in decades.   The President promised the children that he would “try very hard” to get the job done.  To begin his promise he read off 23 Executive Orders that he will sign to begin the gun control process.

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That’s it for us this week in Poliwood.  We have a weekend full of fabulous Inauguration Balls to get red carpet ready for… Until next week Polinistas! 

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