Let’s Move Monday: 3 Ways to Get Over the Post-Holiday (Fitness) Blues

The holiday cookies have been munched, the tree has been sent to the curb, the lights have gone dim and yet my jeans are telling me the “fa-la-la-la season” hasn’t left yet. Ah, the holidays!  It’s hard to get back into the swing of things after your favorite eating holiday has come to a close.  If you’re like me you find yourself having to tug at your 2012 outfit a little more than you did pre-ball drop, but never fear I have some quick an easy ways to sweat yourself to sanity! 

Often times after the holiday ends we find ourselves in a post ho-ho-ho funk.  So below are some ways to power through the slump and come out the other side looking fit and fabulous.

Fitastic Tip 1: Find a little drummer boy/girl: Everyone needs a buddy! Find someone who is going to cheer you on and check in on your progress—DAILY! You could even make up a contract with your buddy for however long you think it’s going to take you to get over the holiday hump.

Fitastic Tip 2: Download Your Rudolph: When Santa needed a guide through the storm he called on Rudolph.  Now, you don’t need a friend with a glowing nose (unless that’s your thing), but you do need an app that will help guide you back to your pre-holiday size.  I use LiveStrong—yes, I know all about the Armstrong scandal, but it’s a hell of an app that keeps my calories, water, and exercise on the right track.

Fitastic Tip 3: Just like the New Year’s Ball—Drop it Like It’s Hot: Trust me, nothing makes you feel instantly better then getting your body moving. If you’re not ready for the discipline of an exercise DVD just yet, crank up your dance music, set your alarm to ring in 20 minutes and sweat your holiday blues away!

Alright, it’s time to shed your Santa sweater and get FITASTIC!

Musical Inspiration after the jump… “Gonna Make You Sweat”