Poliwood Round-Up: Tis the Season for Foolishness

This week in politics plays like the movie “A Christmas Carol” with the ghost of Christmas Past on repeat.  When will Boehner and the rest of the Republicans figure out that they lost the election and the American people are no longer interested in protecting the rich from paying their fair share? When will the NRA finally get that having armed guards or more “good guys with guns” in schools creates a terrible learning environment for our children?

Maybe the Mayans were on to something. Sure the world didn’t combust but the world of reason as we’ve known it sure has.  We live in a world where reason has become the enemy and logic is an outcast.  Someone once told me that “in order to have a breakthrough you need to have a breakdown”—let’s hope that our government has broken down to the quick and now is ready to rebuild.  Without further ado let’s get to this week’s top 5 issues on the Poliwood Round-Up.

Number 5: A Country in Mourning:  This week has been one of the most difficult weeks in our nation’s recent history.  On Sunday the President spoke at the beautiful interfaith vigil that was held in remembrance of the 26 souls that were lost in the slaying at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

Watch the President’s speech here:

Number 4: Laid to Rest: Senator Dan Inouye passed away on Monday at the age of 88.  At the time of his passing he was the longest serving member of the Senate having entered in 1959.  President Obama spoke today at his funeral and said that Senator Inouye was a quiet inspiration. He “hinted to me at what might be possible in my own life”.

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Number 3: America’s Golden Girl: Gabby Douglas, the first African American woman to win the All Around gymnastics title at the London Olympics, was named Athlete of the Year by the Associated Press.  Her story and success was nothing more than perfection.  She has single handedly opened up another avenue of possibility for African American girls and boys. Seeing is truly believing!

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Number 2: NRA’s Infomercial: The NRA finally broke their silence after a self-imposed blackout to discuss the Newtown tragedy today.  Wayne LaPierre the executive vice president of the group got on television to offer a plan for gun control.  What was their long awaited response to the massacre in Newtown? Place gun in schools.  Yes, you read that correctly. The NRA’s idea of gun control is to put guns in the hands of “the good guys”.  So, we lockdown our schools like prisons and arm teachers in order to keep the bad guys out? Just think of the learning environment that creates for children. The NRA proved with their infomercial just how tone deaf they are to what America needs—and it’s not to arm our children.

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Number 1: Boehner Pushing US Over the Cliff:  When will he learn? Boehner proposes his “Plan B” as a compromise to the fiscal cliff fiasco with only one problem—he can’t mobilize his party.  Let this be a lesson to Americans for 2014.  Republicans care about one thing and one thing only—the rich!  As long as the rich don’t have to pay a cent more in taxes regardless of how much they make off the backs of the poor then their happy. Boehner is no more able to lead this unruly group of self-indulgent republicans than Lindsay Lohan is to lead an AA group.

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Here’s a little merriment to get the celebration started RUN DMC style—Happy Holidays Polinistas!!!