Poliwood Round-Up: This Week in Political Theater

Wedding bells, Royals, and a fiscal cliffhanger–get out your popcorn and fix yourself a drink, this week in Poliwood is quite the cinematic experience! From Hova’s train ride to a Royal hospital visit and Republicans deciding that they literally hate everyone–even those with disabilities, it’s been a helluva week! So, without further ado let’s get to threeLOL’s Poliwood Top 5 Countdown…

Coming in at number 5 this week:

5. The Cliff Talk Merry-Go-Round: A round and round we go. We have 24 days to go before Republicans push America to its breaking point. Sure, it takes two to tango, but when one party wants everyone to dance and the other wants half of us to sit out–it’s not much of a party is it? Want to know the Republicans mantra: We love the RICH! I’ve never seen this party fight so hard for just a fraction of the population who has more than enough resources to pay their fair share. No one knows how this nightmare will end, but here’s one thing I do know–the middle class unlike the top 2% doesn’t have a golden parachute ready once we take the dive.

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4. Jigga Who?: In a 24 minute documentary covering his final show at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn Jay-Z decided to take the subway to his destination. Of course as Jay-Z is filmed walking to the subway hundreds of people come out of the woodwork to take photos, give hugs, and screech at the top of their lungs…that is everyone except for one person. Jay-Z takes a seat next to an older lady who notices that the person next to her may be a “big deal”. There exchange was too cute!

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3. A Royal Bun in the Oven: Oh what joy! Everyone’s favorite royals are expecting. I was among the billion that woke up just under two years ago to witness their nuptials and honestly it was quite the treat. Their courtship over 8 years was just lovely and amazingly normal. Here’s to the next chapter–I’m sure it will be just as brilliant as the first!

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2. Republicans Literally Hate Everyone: Ah, nothing says F.U. like a no vote to help disabled people around the world. This week 38 Republicans voted no on a United Nations Treaty that is modeled after our very own Americans with Disabilities Act. Jon Stewart asks a very valid question “have Republicans finally hit rock bottom”? Here’s hoping.

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1. Wedding Bells Ring in Two States: This week both Washington and Maryland began issuing wedding licensees to same sex couples. These were the first states to have marriage rights granted to same sex couples through a referendum which was no small win! With each day we inch closer to having equality for all people. We can’t rest until the job is finished. Nothing Spells LOVE Like Equality!!!!

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Have a fantastic weekend Polinistas! See you on Let’s Move Monday:)

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