Let’s Move Monday: What is Your Health Transformation Motivation?

For better or for worse stories change our lives.  They move us to action whether those actions are mostly reflective or not.  In the days since Friday’s horrific attack I can’t help but think like most other people just how fleeting life really is.  How even the “biggest” things that captivate our daily lives seem so trivial in the face of such devastating tragedy.

We aren’t granted an unlimited amount of time on this sacred planet.  It’s up to each of us to decide how we choose to live each precious day we are given.  Do you want to live your life with a series of “what-ifs” hanging over your head? Or do you want to live it to its fullest?   Every day you awake hating the way you look or feel is a day you are wasting. It’s a day that you are chucking out of the window and allowing to float by.  There is a lot we are powerless against in this world but our health and well being is something we can and should take control over.

You don’t have to wait for the calendar year to change in order to change your life.

Each new day you are granted provides you with a clean slate—to act better, love more, and give gratitude for the life and body you have been given.  The question remains are you motivated enough to capitalize on this gift?

I began the Let’s Move Monday series because I needed to record my healthy story. I knew that writing each week it would help me stay on track and focus on what was important to me—which is healthy living.  What I’ve come to realize is that “healthy living” isn’t my biggest motivation, my family is. The members of my family inspire me with their dedication and ferocious appetite for living.

All of them have been dealt a series of cards that would set most people back–from strokes to Parkinson’s to cancer scares and depression. Yet, with each obstacle they all examined what it was they could and couldn’t control and moved from there. The fragility of their health has been the bugle that continues to march them forward to more thoughtful and holistic living.

Healthy eating and living isn’t about sacrifice it’s about recognizing the gift of life you’ve been granted and honoring yourself.  Filling our bodies with processed foods weighs us down both physically and emotionally, limiting our ability to shine.  How can your brilliance show through when your spirit and organs are filled with junk?   Simply put, it can’t.

We may not be able to control how and when we die, but what we can control is how we live.

Be Visible, Be Fabulous–Let Your Life Be a Lesson!

Tip 7: Discover Your Health Motivation

Your health is about more than fitting into a pair of jeans. Find the source of your transformation goal, write it down and keep it with you as a reminder of your bigger mission when you are feeling low. We all have those days!

Tip 8: Spend time with Your Grandparents (elderly family members)

As we age our bodies slow down and for an unfortunate group begin to shut down completely before their minds do.  If my grandfather could leap out of his wheelchair and dance again he would in a heartbeat—so because he can’t I do on his behalf.  They say youth is a gift wasted on the young but it doesn’t have to be.  Being able bodied is a gift—don’t waste it by sitting on your couch day after day. Let’s remember to move (our bodies) in celebration for those who can’t!