Let’s Move Monday: Are You Listening to Your Body?

One of my favorite Oprahisms is “are you listening to life’s whispers”? She follows this by saying if you don’t listen to the whispers it turns into a yell and then finally a brick upside the head.  The same bodes true for our bodies.  Our bodies talk to us all the time, except most of the time we decide to ignore their messages.  If we tune in to our bodies we would only put things into our systems that help us live light.

Our lives are overrun with “food noise”. 

At every turn we are being told what not to eat or what is “good” for us and then at other times being outright lied to about food that has been genetically modified.  So, even when we’re trying to do right by ourselves we can get tripped up—but listening to ourselves instead of outside messages is the key to happiness and health.

However, sometimes life gets hold and it become harder to put yourself on the op of your to-do list.  Over the weekend I attended the wedding of one of my nearest and dearest friends and there was lots of running around—but in the midst of it all I listened to my body, which was asking me to make time to move and sweat.  So, in the middle of wedding primp I took time to head to the gym to get 30 minutes of activity in.

Conversely later that evening I partook in a few libations against my better judgment that left me violently ill the following day.  It’s easy to fall back into bad habits but your body will tell you when you’ve made the right choice—mine unfortunately came in the form of a brick in my stomach instead of upside my head. I won’t be making that mistake again anytime soon.

You live and learn—but most importantly you listen!

Tip 5: Listen to Your Body

Your body sends you messages in every moment—full, stuffed, bloated, sore, etc.  These are all signals.  After each meal tune in and take a listen.  Did that meal help nourish you or did you overstuff yourself? Did the food make you bloated, or do you leave the meal feeling satisfied and light?  Follow your bodies signals to a healthier, happier you!

Tip 6: Get Moving

Our bodies are meant to move.  Find time each day for 30-40 minutes of movement.  That could be broken down into several 10-15 minutes breaks throughout the day where you go for a walk, run, or hit the stairs in your office building.  Get your heart rate up and listen to how you feel after you get your heart pumping.  Your body will thank you in the long run!

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