3 Ways to Achieve Quality RT (Reflection Time) This Season!

Contrary to what countless television commercials and sales would have you believe, the holiday season isn’t about how much you get or give for that matter—‘tis the season for reflection and renewal. With another year winding down it’s important to pause and take stock of all that has transpired over the last 12 months and figure out how best to move forward.

Here are three suggestions to aid this process:

1. End the repeat button on your negative tune: Have you ever noticed that the more you beat yourself down the less likely you are to have the desire to get up? I know I do. Give yourself a break—literally. Break the cycle of constantly telling yourself you’re not good enough, thin enough, smart enough, etc. Just think—has it worked yet? No, it just makes you feel worse. Begin this New Year by treating yourself with loving kindness, and notice the lightness you feel by letting go of self criticism. This simple act provides you with ample energy to tackle those resolutions

2. Capitalize on the goodness you’ve experienced: It’s easy for us only to think about where we are and not where we’ve been. An entire year has just passed and there is bound to be something good that has happened to you over this time. Take an afternoon or an evening for some RT (reflection time). Find a cozy spot, your favorite mock or cocktail and settle into some serious You Time.

3. Recognize each day as a blessing: Regardless of your religious or non-religious affiliation we can all agree that the fast-paced-microwaveable society we are living in at times robs us of really ever experiencing the beauty that each day brings. We are constantly onto the “next one” without really savoring the moment we’re in. When we’re too busy texting, tweeting, and sharing the beauty around us we risk missing it altogether—trust me, I LOVE Instagram, but I would rather be living my life than “flip through it”.

The world may not have ended on the winter solstice (thank goodness) but that doesn’t mean we can’t end the casualness we walk through each day with and be more thoughtful about the way we interact with ourselves and each other. Don’t wait for tragedy to strike in order to reflect on all the goodness you’ve been blessed with. So, find your favorite peaceful place and make time for a little RT—remember each day is presents an opportunity for renewal and reflection!

Here’s to ending this year the way you want to begin the next—with love and light!

Musical Inspiration after the jump: Let ‘A Tribe Called Quest’ get you in the relax and reflection mood