10 Tips to a Happy ‘Re-New’ Year!

There is nothing better than a countdown and ushering in the New Year provides us with the ultimate list.

Over the past 5 weeks leading up to one of our favorite holidays we’ve compiled 10 fit-tastic tips to living light and healthy in 2013 and beyond.  We had so much fun over the past several weeks that we’ve decided to continue our Let’s Move Monday series into the New Year. Check out our 10 tips for renewing your mind, body and soul below.

Tip 1: Uncover Your Personal Health Story 

 Begin to sketch out your personal health story by answering the questions below and reflecting on your story:

  • Why is healthy living important to you?
  • What has prompted you to take responsibility for your health?
  • What does healthy living–mind, body and soul mean to you?
  • What have been your perceived barriers to attaining the healthy life you desire?

Tip 2: Create a Health Adventure for Yourself  

How do you want challenge yourself physically and emotionally over the next month and into the coming year?  Sign up for a 5K walk/run, learning to swim, or pledge to do yoga for 40 days straight?    Creating your health adventure is like donning a couture dress—it should fit you perfectly!  So pick an activity and just do it!

Tip 3: Eat to the Point of Nourishment NOT Nausea 

A majority of us don’t truly enjoy our meals or taste our food that matter.  We take most of our meals in front of a computer or TV which distract us from how much we are consuming. Make your meal times “your time”, unplug while you’re eating and pay attention to how your feeling.  Retire your membership to the clean plate club!

Tip 4: Give Gratitude Daily

Find three things to be grateful for at the end of each day and write them down. Focusing on what we are thankful for helps to fill our spirit. When our spirits are fulfilled we tend not to seek out other ways to satiate ourselves.

Tip 5: Listen to Your Body

Your body sends you messages in every moment—full, stuffed, bloated, sore, etc.  These are all signals.  After each meal tune in and take a listen.  Did that meal help nourish you or did you overstuff yourself? Did the food make you bloated, or do you leave the meal feeling satisfied and light?  Follow your body’s signals to a healthier, happier you!

Tip 6: Get Moving

Our bodies are meant to move.  Find time each day for 30-40 minutes of movement.  That could be broken down into several 10-15 minutes breaks throughout the day where you go for a walk, run, or hit the stairs in your office building.  Get your heart rate up and listen to how you feel after you get your heart pumping.  Your body will thank you in the long run!

Tip 7: Discover Your Health Motivation

Your health is about more than fitting into a pair of jeans. Find the source of your transformation goal, write it down and keep it with you as a reminder of your bigger mission when you are feeling low. We all have those days!

Tip 8: Spend time with Your Grandparents (elderly family members)

As we age our bodies slow down and for an unfortunate group begin to shut down completely before their minds do.  If my grandfather could leap out of his wheelchair and dance again he would in a heartbeat—so because he can’t I do on his behalf.  They say youth is a gift wasted on the young but it doesn’t have to be.  Being able bodied is a gift—don’t waste it by sitting on your couch day after day. Let’s remember to move (our bodies) in celebration for those who can’t!

Tip 9: Let Your Mind Follow Your Body

Allow your body to guide your mind instead of the reverse.  Our body often sends us signals that we ignore until it’s too late.  Often times we continue to eat past feeling full, being sedentary when your joints and muscles are begging to be stretched, and hitting snooze instead of rising when your body awakes.  Instead of trying to control your body—listen to it.

Tip 10: Make the Mind, Body and Soul Connection

Your mind and body will always conspire to move you forward if you let them. Life should be about constant forward movement.  Use the momentum that you gain for every exercise to be the force that moves you closer to your goals. As my mother says at the end of each yoga practice, “take the flexibility and focus you’ve gained here today on your mat, off your mat and into your life” Namaste.

We’re looking forward to a happy, healthy and movement filled 2013 and wishing all of you the same!!!

And stay tuned threeLOL will be upping its game in the New Year:)