The Gift of Gratitude

In the aftermath of any storm it’s kindness that always prevails and helps to usher in the sunshine. The compassion that is being displayed down the east coast is heartwarming—it’s just unfortunate that it took tragedy to remind us what really matters—and it isn’t polls or politics, it’s people.

We couldn’t help but reflect over the past few days on how precious life is and how utterly unpredictable tomorrow will be.

The only thing in life we can ultimately control is our impact. Whether the impact is positive or negative is up to us.

We all have moments where we wonder “am I doing enough?” and then without provocation a sign descends that shows us we are indeed on the right path—living on purpose!

Our sign came yesterday in the form of an email.  Right before bed we received an email from a soldier, thanking us for being “change agents”.  The note brought us to tears and reassured our doubts—we are indeed living OUT loud and ON purpose.  And as the motto says “reach one, teach one”.

The number of “likes” on your work doesn’t matter—the work does, and regardless of how difficult the path may be in front of all of us—we need to keep on keeping on because in each moment you never know how you are helping others—live, love, and labor OUT loud.

Here is an excerpt from the email:

I’m so captivated by the work and motivation from you two and I want to say thank you for everything. Because not only are you both helping the “change” movement but you gave me a sense of purpose for the rest of my life/career, you both gave me a sense for a calling for something that I want to spend the rest of my life doing. The both of you are truly an inspiration and I thank you again for all your hard work and dedication in all fields that you pursue.

The sign for the nation came in the form of ‘Super Storm Sandy’, which was our powerful reminder that there are bigger forces at play than the bantering that has held our television screens hostage for the past several months.  We are not on the right path when it comes to dealing with climate change.  And to the question “are we doing enough?” The answer is clearly, NO.

Climate change, which failed to make an appearance during any of the debates, decided not to be sidelined after all, and reared its vicious head this week.  Nope, we didn’t make it up—it’s real, destructive, and expensive. And absent genuine leadership and purposeful legislation we will all be left vulnerable to preventable environmental devastation.

We should take heed to all life’s signs.

If we allow gratitude to be our guiding force we can avoid a majority of life’s preventable disasters. So, as we enter into the month of ‘Thanksgiving’ let’s keep not only our family and friends, but strangers and Mother Earth on our list—and give thanks.  Thanks for the strangers kind smile, for the farmer’s harvest, for the Earth’s warm embrace, for teacher’s lesson, and the doctor’s care—without this and so much more we wouldn’t be here.

Thanks to all of you—our dedicated readers!

Musical knowledge from Marvin Gaye…