Poliwood Round-Up: This Week in Fabulousness and Frustrations

This week I’m giving you the top five bits of goodness that went down from Hollywood to Poliwood. Is Lindsey Lohan headed from the TV screen back to the slammer?  Will America head over the cliff or will congress get their act together?   Without further ado let the countdown begin!

5.  Lohan the Movie: If making bad movies is a crime that Lindsey Lohan SHOULD be locked up for her lackluster performance of Elizabeth Taylor in Lifetime’s Liz and Dick movie.  From what I could stomach it looked like Lohan was dressed from Halloween and the rest of us were tricked into thinking this would be her comeback.

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4. Four More Years…for Mrs. Obama: I can’t seem to get that Chris Matthews tingle out of my leg! Ever since the election I have been elated—not just that the President was re-elected (thank God), but that Mrs. Obama would remain our First Lady!  I can think of no better FLOTUS in recent time than Mrs. O (sorry Hillary).  Not only has she become a role model to strong, black women everywhere but has taken on the mission of getting America’s kids off the couch and moving again. Her first 4 years were fantastic. I can’t wait to see what she’s going to do next!

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3.  (Fiscal) Cliff Notes: Ah, another year another congressional budget catastrophe.  Let the countdown clocks begin.  On January 2nd 2013 the government is set to fall off the fiscal cliff with 8-10% cuts across very agency unless of course congress does what they are paid so very handsomely to do—their jobs!  Congress and the White House need to come to an agreement on taxes, spending cuts, and basically everything else that has to do with our economy by the time the ball drops or all bets are off.  Without an agreement the middle class will see a rise in taxes to almost a $2000K increase. I don’t know about you, but I can’t afford that, so they better get to work.

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2.  The Showdown Rice and McCain Meet:  Senator McCain’s attacks on U.N. Ambassador Rice reached a fever pitch of crazy.  His accusations regarding Rice’s competency and intelligence are dripped in racism and sexism. This is a man who brought the world Sarah “I-can-see-Russia-from-my-house” Palin.  Jokes aside Rice’s resume and experience are stellar. Here are just a few highlights: Rhodes Scholar and Truman Scholar, two graduate degrees including a PH.D from Oxford University.  This is a woman who is “unqualified” to be Secretary of State yet Sarah Palin was qualified to be a heartbeat away from a 70 something year old President? Instead of concerning ourselves with Rice’s qualifications we should be concerning ourselves with McCain’s judgment.

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Coming in at number 1, who will grace the cover of Time magazine for Person of the Year?

1.  Time Person of the Year Candidates: Jay-Z, Gabby Douglas and President Obama make the short list.  It has been a banner year for some of my favorite people and Time Magazine seems to agree. There has been so much good done by so many people it will be a hard decision to make, but Time is taking our votes into consideration until 11:59pm on December 12th. See all the candidates here.  More on Gabby, Jay-Z and President Obama here