Poliwood Round-Up: The Final Stretch!

Photo at DNC Headquarters: Polinistas hit the phones for President Obama

It’s hard to believe that this is the last Poliwood Round-Up before Election Day.  The conventions have come and gone and the debates are finished (thank God) and now with just under 4 days to go—history rests in our hands.  Sound dramatic? Well, it is.

There are two very different futures that lie before us.  One where all people have a fair shot and where much needed attention and investment into mitigating climate change is possible, and one where it doesn’t.  If ‘Sandy’ wasn’t reminder enough—the stakes are too high to sit on the sidelines.  If you think “well, I’ve given enough” or “I’ve already done my part” THINK AGAIN! We are not finished until the polls close.  We are not finished until the very last vote is counted.

Ask yourself what is the feeling you want to have on November 7th, one of regret or relief?

Forget about the polls and forget about the pundits. What matters now is what you do and what you encourage your friends, family, and colleagues to do—VOTE!

A Vote for President Obama is a vote for our future… It’s that simple.

We have one candidate that recognizes the seriousness of climate change and another who used it as a punch line.  We have one candidate who has women as advisers and Cabinet members and another who has them in binders.  We have a candidate that believes in opportunities for all and another who believes in opportunity for a select few.

We have the power in this election to not only chart our future but those of our children and grandchildren.  Let’s give them a world that they deserve—where the 100% have a say.  So, don’t sit on the sidelines in this election. VOTE!

Let’s keep moving this country #FORWARD. See you at the polls!