Ending the Blame Game

Before the final votes were even counted last week Republicans began pointing fingers and making excuses as to why Mittens couldn’t seal the deal.

Romney himself was “shocked” that he didn’t win.

So shocked in fact he had no concession speech written.  Could it be that he thought that the election was in his pocket thanks to his Billionaire Boys Club or that his Governor friends had done their part to change decade’s old voting rights laws in an attempt to manipulate the ballot? Whatever the case, the Romney nightmare has come to a close but as I watch the news, it seems Republicans have yet to learn from their partisan mistakes.

This presidential election taught us many lessons. First, that no one can buy your vote or silence your voice and that if we band together the results will be the perfecting of our union.

Most importantly this election taught us that blaming others for our short comings relieves us from personal responsibility and ultimately stunts our ability to grow—just look at the Republican Party.

Instead of Republicans widening their tent and encouraging people to participate in their democracy they chose to suppress and alienate the electorate. With this collective mentality the Republicans will cease to be relevant as the demographics of this country continue to change.

We should learn from their poor example. Ignoring the signs that show up in our personal lives could sway you from your destiny—being the best YOU.

How many times have we alienated friends and family that try and tell us the truth? When they encourage us to leave a job that is making us miserable or a S.O. that doesn’t really appreciate us?  Often times we find a plethora of excuses to in order to avoid taking responsibility in our own lives.

The blame game doesn’t help anyone—namely us.

We need to live our lives with eyes wide open.  The world around us is constantly changing and in order for us to be successful we need to be nimble and learn to adapt.

Remember that doing things the way you have always done them will get you what you have always gotten—don’t you think you deserve more?

If so, then it’s time for you to take a long hard look at your life and your choices. At every turn of our day we make choices. We choose to be happy, angry, loving, or closed.  We choose our friends and how and when we engage with our families.

Our lives are our responsibilities alone—it’s not your child’s fault you can’t get to the gym or your boss’s fault you are working late.  We made the choice and gave others permission to treat us however they wanted.

If you want better—then do better, but whatever you choose, the blame game ends now.

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