The Great American Poll Dance

To the left, to left! If only Beyonce were a pollster then predicting the winner of the upcoming election would be easy.

What I’ve learned as of late is that there is literally a poll for everyone–don’t believe me, just flip through the channels at any given point throughout the day. According to Fox Mittens is surging and headed for a landslide.

If you pay attention to Romney’s campaign they are building momentum and positioned to “win this thing”. I don’t know if he’s got a “Magic Mike” on his staff or a crystal ball in his mix, but they are about as poised for a landslide as I am to hit a stripper pole.

Look, the truth is this election is close, a little too close, and the only thing left to do is vote. If you follow every poll move you will literally make yourself sick with all the up and down–the other pole is much better in that respect *wink*

I’m not one for conspiracies but it is awfully convenient how erratic all the polls are as of late— it makes for great TV, if you’re a fan of the endless drone of talking heads.

I do love this magical time of year—the change of season, and how republicans keep inserting their foot into their mouths. As if the “great rape debate” weren’t enough now they want to start proselytizing about race.

Yesterday Romeny’s campaign C hair Governor John Sununu (R-NH) went on the Piers Morgan Show and said that Colin Powell endorsed President Obama solely because he is black. Really? The former Secretary of State under Bush could have no other reasons to endorse the President? Could it be the President’s foreign policy agenda perhaps? Or his basic knowledge of whom our biggest threats are? Or the fact that he wants to bring the rest of our troop’s home? Nope, according to Sununu he’s not intelligent enough to make those deductions so instead the former Secretary of State relies on his skin tone to guide him. *dripping with sarcasm*

Is there anyone left to tell me that Sununu’s statements are not indicative to the candidate’s feelings about race? Be careful of the company you keep.
Its repeated incidences like these and Romney’s refusal to condemn Indiana Republican Senate candidate Richard Mourdock’s recent rape statements that I am kept up at night over the closeness of this race. Romney is not only out of touch with reality he surrounds himself with people that are just as insensitive and oblivious.

His latest campaign trail slogan is that he and Ryan are “The Real Change”. The only change Romney offers is how often he changes his mind from one position to the next and how he will short change America’s middle class by continuing to reward the top 1%.

We can’t afford to go back. There is only one choice in this election and it’s to move forward.

The only poll left to worry about is the one you are voting at! So, grab your family and friends and “get up, get out, and do something”–Vote!

Musical voting inspiration brought to you by Lady Ms. Kier of Deee-Lite: Vote Baby Vote!