Poliwood Round-Up: Do You Approve This Message?

Oh, what a week! From Obama’s triumphant debate to Romney’s “binders full of women” to Gallups latest scary as hell poll numbers my mind is on overdrive. In political years I must be 110 years old!

Without further ado, let’s get to Poliwood’s top 5 highlights of the week:

Number 5: Jay-Z’s (second) PSA

It’s no secret that I love Jay-Z. What I love the most is his dedication to expanding the Hip Hop genre beyond a flash-in-the-pan moment to an art form that persists over decades.  His craftsmanship has continued to evolve over the years from “Girls, Girls, Girls” to the mastery that is the Blueprint 3.

His latest venture—politics, is what has this Polinista newly impressed yet again.  Jay-Z’s growing passion of connecting youth to their voice—through voting and participation is his best act yet not to mention fitting nicely into the Polinista motto: Be Visible, Be Fabulous Everyday and in Every Way!

Watch Mr. Carter’s video below:

Number 4: FLOTUS’s Open Letter

I love a woman who speaks her mind which is one of the many reasons I married my wife and am in LOVE with First Lady Michelle Obama!  FLOTUS took to Elle magazine and penned a thoughtful 5 point open letter to women on why Barack’s got their back. In shear contrast to Mrs. Romney’s “you’ll have to ask my husband” defensive responses, Mrs. O is a thoughtful and powerful surrogate for her husband on the campaign trail.  Her marriage to President Obama represents a true marital partnership—a relationship that is steeped in respect and mutual adoration of one another.  I still get goose bumps recalling her 2012 DNC speech in North Carolina. Her candor and power brought the house down.  I only have three words left: Michelle Obama 2016!

Read the First Lady’s Open Letter here:

Number 3: My ‘View’ of Mrs. Romney

Yesterday Ann Romney tackled the “silver tongued, opinionated” women of the view solo—her husband cancelled at the last minute stating “scheduling conflicts”.  Let me just say Ann is no Michelle, but she is as agile at ducking questions as former President Bush is at avoiding shoes to the face.   When Barbara Walters hit Ann with a question on abortion and her husband’s change of tune from being a pro-choice governor to a pro-life presidential candidate she stumbled through the response stating “he is a pro-life person”.  When Barbara followed up asking Ann her beliefs she deflected with “I’m not running for office so I don’t have to say”.  Her responses were defensive and passive. Ann is far from the model of the modern woman.  When I watched her I could hear the theme music of ‘Father Knows Best’ playing in the back drop.

Don’t take it from me—watch the clip below:

Number 2: Romney’s Binder Full of Women

Nothing says I believe in the equity of women in the workplace than having binders full of them on your desk.  What the hell was Romney thinking with this response? You have to wonder about a man in 2012 who doesn’t surround himself with what he believes to be “qualified women”.  But of course he doesn’t, you only have to look at his wife to understand that.  Does she look like she has ever had an opinion in her life? Nope. Rich, kept, women don’t have to be troubled with such “icky things” as thinking.  She epitomizes what Romney thinks of women—they should be seen and seldom heard, unless of course they are saying “you should ask my husband”.

And if Romney’s response didn’t give you enough of a chuckle scroll through the Binder Full of Women tumbler here: http://bindersfullofwomen.tumblr.com/

Number 1: Guess Who’s Got Their Swagger Back

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the President came back from his sleepy first debate performance swinging on Tuesday night.  My favorite moment of the night was when he said “get the transcript”.  All we wanted in the first debate was for POTUS to call Romney out on his lies and “Romnesia”.  Thankfully, he heard or rather read all of our disappointment and decided he “ain’t going out like that”. Tuesday’s night performance by the President was just the air this campaign needed to get its swagger back.  In case you were living under rock and just newly come into daylight *wink* watch the debate highlights here: