“My Goal Is To Bridge The Gap:” Aisha in Black Enterprise

Co-Founder of ThreeLOL a Featured “Change Agent” in October 2012 Issue

Aisha has done a lot of work. She spent a decade as President and CEO of Synergy Strategy Group, was President of the Campaign for All D.C. Families, and co-founded the Fighting Injustice to Reach Equality Initiative (housed in the Center for American Progress). But her favorite task is telling stories – and her goal is making sure everyone’s story is heard.

“I’ve always been most passionate about helping people who have been traditionally marginalized have a voice in the policymaking process,” Aisha was quoted as telling Black Enterprise this month. “Those wealthy, well-connected people and corporations are the ones who know how to get access, …and my goal is to bridge the gap.”

Black Enterprise, the premier business news and investment resource for over 3.7 million African Americans, interviewed Aisha for the October 2012 issue, hoping to talk to her about her work and how her passions have shifted throughout her career. The monthly magazine recognized her for her academic mind, tireless drive, and hopeful spirit. Her strategy is one of support, collaboriation, and affirmation: making every fight inclusive and adding new dimensions to existing social justice challenges. Her chosen mechanism? It’s obvious – politics! “I wanted to be the person who was helping the right people get elected because that would trickle into who was making policies I cared about,” she said.