Does Character Still Matter?

This morning the Jersey Shore’s infamous cast member Snooki gave her first interview since giving birth.  According to the Today Show who snagged the interview—this was news that America should care about *sigh*.  Snooki, a girl who thanks to MTV, has become famous for drinking, bar fights, tight outfits, and a misguided bouffant.

As Savannah Gunthrie sat on the edge of her seat looking engaged and genuinely interested in Snooki’s post baby life, I sat in my chair puzzled.  Not only do I remain concerned about the state of American journalism, but I find myself increasingly worried about the character of our nation.

It’s been said that you can tell the character of a country based on its prison system, and I hope that’s still true, because if you were to judge America based on what we watch and then elevate to deity status, we’re in trouble.

Between our obsession with Lindsay Lohan, The Kardashians, and now Honey Boo Boo we’re a mess—and we’re supposed to be trusted to decide one of the most important elections in modern time that not only will affect us but the global community as well? *knots in stomach grow*

In the age of the fame monster does the content of our character still matter?

If you’re watching the polls the way I am (with stomach pains) and see how razor thin the election is between the President and Romney—I’m not sure we care anymore about how good someone or their intentions are anymore.

Mitt Romney has lied more than all the Bush’s combined and yet no one seems to care—and yet all of his indiscretions have been recorded.  If folks did care than we wouldn’t be seeing the poll numbers we are currently.

There have been more sex tape scandals, visits to celebrity rehab, and political vitriol over the past decade than at any one time, but how do we treat the individuals that are caught up? We reward them with their own shows, Grammy Awards, a fragrance or two—or better yet, the nomination for President.

Why would anyone bother with “doing the right thing” or “being good for goodness sake” when they get celebrated for constantly doing wrong?  Where’s the incentive?

Maybe I’m old fashioned—stuck in my ways when it comes to my belief in honesty, integrity, and thoughtfulness.  Maybe that’s why I’m not famous—because I care too much.

I care about being a thoughtful citizen, a good wife and daughter.  I believe in our collective responsibility to better our nation through hard work and determination not reality TV and punditry. But as of late it seems I’m in the minority and the out-for-self buffoonish mentality that is currently showing up at every turn isn’t a passing fad after all.

If there is nothing else we know, we know this: America loves a comeback kid!  So, I remain hopeful that our sanity and character will return to us soon.