Poliwood’s Style Evolution!

Words EVERY Polinista lives by!

We all know the saying: “DC is Hollywood for ugly people”.  Except it looks like Hollywood’s chic, smart, sister, Poliwood is growing up and into her own fashionable self!

Alas, everyone knows I Iove a strand of pearls, but with a matching twinset—that’s a no, no. Yet, this horrible ensemble used to be the mainstay of DC women everywhere. Thank goodness we’ve turned over a new couture leaf!

It seems we owe a bit of Poliwood’s style revival to First Lady Michelle Obama. Who with her mix of high/low fashion has helped DC’s political elite de-sleeve, unbutton, and belt-up.   If you’ve been to the Hill lately, you’ve seen an array of color—a wonderful departure from the gray and black uniform that has been rocked in those parts since the Pimms Cup was the “new” cocktail around town.

From fashion to food Poliwood is in the midst of a rebirth, and your favorite #Polinistas are just the ladies to give you the scoop!

Watch our PSA (Polinista Sassy Announcement) below:

We headed out during Fashion Night Out in Georgetown to find out what’s making Poliwood’s style clock tick again (or for the first time *smile*)!

First stop was Cusp by Neiman Marcus a boutique that carries all the labels we love. We stopped a fashionable style associate and asked her how she would characterize Poliwood’s style…one of the words she used was edgy. Now I would say that we in DC are mostly on edge, but edgy–who knew?

When asked what was driving Poliwood’s style evolution Erin at Sassanova hit it out of the park…and gave us several style tips to rock this fall, Emerald City anyone?

Finally, after a long day of running the world and looking good, we asked the women of Lush how a Polinista can make sure that her busy day doesn’t show up on her face. Their answer…we need to soak our troubles away. I guess Calgon had it right all along!

So, what do you think is moving Poliwood’s style revival? Tell us below:)