Poliwood Round-Up: America’s Great Regression


In the movie Grosse Point Blank Minnie Driver’s character Debi channelled Shakespeare when she pondered: “where are all the good men dead, in the heart or in the head?” I woke up this morning wondering the same thing–about Republicans.

What happened to all the Republican moderates? The Tea-Party has them running scared.

The GOP is under siege by their younger, less experienced, and bitterly racist sibling. And the rest of the GOP who used to have a shred of decency now bow to their whim–it’s not only them who have lost it, but we as a nation have lost our way when we continue to give them a platform.

Bigotry isn’t an opposing argument–it’s a malignant tumor slowing the progress of this country.

The Republican convention, empty chair aside, was absolutely frightening. The policies and rhetoric spewed over the 3 days in Tampa are steeped solely in their vision of an America I’ve only read about in history books–an America that the rest of us who are not white, straight, wealthy, or male would like to forget let alone revisit.

The Republican convention conjured their idea of America’s “good old days” at every turn. Yet I failed to understand which days they were referring to. The days when white “poll watchers” stood at the election polls in the Jim Crow south denying black people access to the vote? The days when a pregnant woman’s only gynecologist existed in a coat closet? The days when restaurants, bathrooms, and places of employment could hang signs that denied patrons of color and anyone that didn’t share their “Christian” values? Where LGBT people were pushed to the margins of society?

Are these America’s “golden good old days” they hope to re-ignite? Well, their policy proposals from voter suppression, to government reproductive control, to anti-gay laws says it all!

Yes, Republicans want to take us back–kicking and screaming to a time where the only version of America that mattered was the one where conservative white men ruled without regulation and pure domination, from the White House to the courthouse.

As I said earlier this week Romney and Ryan are in a love affair with the America that WAS and the rest of the voting public who does not share their antiquated views of America will be out of luck if we allow them to buy the White House back.

Voting and owning our voice and our rights in this country is our ONLY option. Do not allow apathy and disillusionment to distort the truth–this is our country and the conservative right is trying to steal it right from under us with voter suppression efforts, voter intimidation, and just plain lies. We may be coming to the end of the Great Recession…but we are currently in the eye of the Republican’s perfect storm and only our disenchantment will ensure that the GOP’s Great Regression is successful!

Not only have moderate Republicans lost their heads and allowed the Tea Party to brainwash the party, they’ve lost their love for what makes this country great as well–ALL of its people, not just the fraction they choose to pander to.

Now, is not the time for us to go “silently into the night”, now is the time for us to stand together as one collective and unified voice and declare “we shall not be moved–backwards”!

One word, four letters: VOTE