Aisha on the Melissa Harris-Perry Show: Can The Democrats Build A Winning Coalition?

Aisha was on the MHP show this week, which is one of her favorite things to do. (Fact.) This time around, she was involved in a discussion with Ed Pawlowski, Cristina
Beltran, and Dan Drezner about how the Democrats can leverage their “big tent” into a winning coalition. You can read the transcript here, or check out clips here.

Well, I think what they should be doing, though, is talking about where we’re going, and doing a great compare and contrast to where Democrats want to take us.

The Democrats are about moving forward. We`re looking at ourselves as a nation involving as a big umbrella bringing in different ethnicity groups. We care about poor people. We care about people with different economic status.

Republicans are actually trying to regress us into, I mean, not even 2008. We are going way back in some — if you look at their platform, there some really Jim Crow underlying types of policies in there that would take us way back as a nation.

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