Love and Politics!

Last night Ann Romney, the human behind the robot, kicked off her prime time Republican Convention speech by saying, “I want to talk to you tonight about what binds us—love”.  She spoke about falling in love with her husband at a high school dance and their unwavering love of this country.

Yet, as I was watching her speech I couldn’t help but think of a quote from my favorite political film the American President delivered by Annette Benning’s character Sydney Ellen Wade, “how can you have patience for people that say they love America, but clearly can’t stand Americans?”

I don’t for a moment doubt Ann’s love for Mittens or for this country. I do however, doubt their love and respect for people who are not like them, namely white, rich, educated, and straight.  As the camera panned out over the audience I failed to see any people of color or young people represented in their version of America.

How can Mitt Romney claim to want to preside over this diverse and complicated land when he only cares to represent a small portion of it?

I don’t care how many stories Ann tells about her man, what seems to be missing from their tale of “American the Great” is the rest of us.

Ann’s praise of women last night and her supportive “sisterly” chants would have been pitch perfect, if they weren’t awash in her party’s clear distaste for women’s rights. Republicans love women, as long as they are standing behind a man—which Ann does so well. She’s a Republican man’s wet dream, pretty, blonde, with little ambition except to ride her husband’s coat tails to the White House.

Ann and Mitt remind their followers of a time when everyone was the same—except for those pesky minorities and pushy women who fought tirelessly to be viewed as equals to the Mitts and Ann’s of the world.

I’m sure the Rockwell “picture perfect” couple was no doubt gazing into each others eyes the night they met at a dance that was most likely segregated, not only by race but by class.  Now, are they to blame for segregation, of course not.  But the policies that they are pushing decades after their romance began don’t show any love or thought to the needs of others who are still suffering from the wrath of oppression and inequality.  Instead of learning from their privileged up bringing they choose to relegate those that are “other” to second class citizens while they dine and dance to spoils from our labor and sacrifice.

Ann says it’s love that binds us, she’s right except for one thing, her and Mitt are in a love affair with the America that was on the night they met, the rest of us are in love with the America that is and can be.

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